Seeing With New Eyes ~ A Journey Through Blackfoot Knowledge

In Seeing with New Eyes, your goal is to help an aboriginal teen reconnect with his Blackfoot heritage by exploring culturally significant sites, interacting with Blackfoot elders, and hearing traditional stories.

As you learn about the unique worldview of the Blackfoot people, you will begin to “see with new eyes”.

Seeing With New Eyes
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This rich learning experience features interactive conversations, puzzling quests, animated stories, video interviews....and more!
This site includes related lesson plans for the Alberta Social Studies Curriculum and aboriginal schools, a workshop on inquiry-based learning, and vignettes about archival records as well as Blackfoot and western knowledge systems. Teacher Toolkit

"Seeing With New Eyes" is a collaborative project of the Archives Society of Alberta and Red Crow Community College,
facilitated by the Alberta Online Consortium. Funding for the project was provided through the Canadian Culture Online
Program of Canadian Heritage, Alberta Centennial Legacies Program, and Alberta Historical Resources Foundation.

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Seeing With New Eyes